Learn more about Ricardo Solis, the creator behind CostaRicArt. Check out his merchandise in our marketplace! See below for a gallery of his work.

What do you sell? 

Handmade goods from reused materials

What’s the background behind your business?

My upcycled art is made from reused materials. I make earrings, magnets, keychains, wallets, etc.. from materials that are normally consider trash. I started upcycling as a way to cut my footprint and reduce my waste. I started making art in 2011 inspired by Costa Rica’s efforts to become carbon neutral and the importance to preserve the environment. I moved to PGH 6 years ago and I have been selling art here since 2017.

I moved to PGH with my now wife (fiance at the time). I had been traveling as a tourist since 2012, so I didn’t have a big cultural shock once I moved here. I have had a great experience overall in PGH. the art community is really welcoming. I love that even for a small city, there is always something fun to do.

What does immigrating to the USA and to Pittsburgh mean to you? How do you feel about it?

I’m really grateful for living in PGH and for all the different opportunities that have helped me grow as an artist. I love and miss my family back in Costa Rica, but I’m proud to be a Latino in USA.

Does Pittsburgh make you feel welcome? Tell us more about it if you can.

Yes, I personally find PGH really welcoming. I have been surrounded by beautiful people since I came here.