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What do you sell? 

Acrylics , watercolor and mixed media paintings


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, as a child I was always drawing and painting. My first canvas was for a contest at the company where my dad worked, you see, when you are young you could be brave, considering I didn’t have any art education. 

I didn’t study art, instead I choose to become an architect, because I considered it the most compatible with Art. I needed to have a way of living, people said, At that time, Art was not considered to be a good choice.!!

During this period of my life, I rarely painted. My dreams of becoming an artist were sleeping, sometimes I woke up and painted, but in reality, my time was consumed by motherhood, being a wife, my job, housekeeping, you know, all that stuff that steals your own desires.

When I retired, 15 years ago, I started to paint again by my own., Therefore my art education is self-taught, I was dedicated to read books, magazines and watched video tutorials.

Five years ago I lost my voice box due to an uncommon thyroid cancer (it has being a very hard time, I had to overcome surgery, treatments, a new voice, communication disabilities, too much!. Right now I am participating in a Clinical trial) 

Even though my time became restricted, again, I keep painting!!!

Art has become my therapy and means to express myself.!!!!

I have sold some pieces through small art events, Instagram and to friends.    

My goal as an artist is to capture the beauty and complexity of being a woman, maybe being born after six brothers developed in me the need to strengthen my feminine world.

I enjoy painting mainly women’s portraits, at any stage of life, from childhood to maturity representing their vulnerability, soft forms and yet a strong inner strength. Also, I am inspired by my Catholic faith, I paint beautiful sacred or spiritual images while I pray or meditate.  

 I rely on my intuition, events, impressions or memories of my life to select my subjects, poses, gestures and color, hoping to embrace the energy or essence of each piece. 

Being a self-taught artist has shown me my true commitment to learn and improve my artistic skills. My work develops by overlapping layers of colors. Also, I like to create textures as a foundation or for the background of my paintings. 

I define my “Art” as the connection of the perceptible with ambiguity.  

Can you share something about your immigration story with us? How was your first day or first month in the USA? How did you feel? Did you come with your family?

My husband and I decided to come to USA because we were growing old , our sons were immigrants here  and the political situation in Venezuela was becoming critical.

Even though we were pleased to gain a new life with our sons and grandchildren, it was not easy to left behind relatives, friends, and our roots.

What does immigrating to the USA and to Pittsburgh mean to you? How do you feel about it?

i am very grateful of living in Pittsburgh , which not only is very friendly but also it offers an excellent health system .

Does Pittsburgh make you feel welcome? Tell us more about it if you can.

Of course, people here are open to understand and accept  immigrants.