We’re sharing some ways you can advocate for refugee and immigrants in honor of World Refugee Day and Immigrant Heritage Month.


Title 42 allows government officials to immediately expel migrants seeking asylum in the US. Although individuals have a legal right to claim asylum in the US, Title 42 has resulted in thousands of migrants being turned away at the border. Title 42 was pushed through in 2020 due to concerns related to Covid-19, but public officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) doubted the necessity of such measures. Learn more about Title 42 here and urge President Biden to restore asylum protection and welcome all asylum seekers. Email senators and representatives to let them know.

Learn the Facts About Refugees

Help friends and family members learn more about the importance of the refugee program to our country. Interested in learning more about why refugees and immigrants are so critical to the US? We have some reading recommendations:

Advocate to Help Interpreters and Contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq

Have you heard of a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV)? SIVs are a specific type of visa reserved for individuals who assisted American forces in their home country, often as an interpreter or translator. These individuals and their families may receive threats due to their work with Americans, the SIV program provides the opportunity to come to the US to escape such threats. With the recent announcement of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, thousands of Afghan interpreters still need protection through the SIV program. Advocate for the continued support of such individuals and learn more here: https://nooneleft.org/