Learn more about the three sisters who are behind the artisan craft business You Can Call Me YOKO. Find them in our marketplace and see their work in the gallery below!

What do you make?

We sell handmade jewelry, made in Pittsburgh by Venezuelan hands 🙂


After living 4K miles apart during 18 years, me, my 2 sisters Dorita & Diokarina “Yoko” and our mom Lola were reunited in Pittsburgh, PA in 2017. They moved from Venezuela and that changed my life, we became a family of 10!

I always loved to create things as a hobby:  paint, crochet, knitting, sewing, macrame, weaving… you name it!.  One day in March 2019 after an extensive brain storming, You Can Call Me YOKO was born, to create handmade jewelry inspired by nature and happiness!

The  name comes from my old sister’s nickname YOKO.

We love what we do and feel so blessed to be able to share our designs with our customers. Our team of 4 designs and creates handmade jewelry pieces in our small studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We hope you enjoy wearing our handmade with love pieces.


When did you come to live in the United States?

You Can Call Me YOKO is a family business of 3 sister, Carlina, Dorita, Diokarina “Yoko” and our mom Dora. Carlina arrived to USA in 1999, Dorita and our mom came in 2016, and Yoko came in 2017

Can you share something about your immigration story with us? How was your first day or first month in the USA? How did you feel? Did you come with your family?

“I came to live in the USA  with a working visa during 1999 and even though I felt alone because all my family was in Venezuela,  I loved it since the first  moment.” -Carlina

“When I arrived in this great country I had many unknowns; The first days were one of adaptation and getting to know the city, I felt that I needed what I had left behind, I came with my two children and my husband in search of a better future for everyone.” -Diokarina 

“I came to Pittsburgh in search of a better future for my children, with many fears and much sadness for leaving family and friends, but at the same time, I was very happy with the reception of my family.” -Dorita

What does immigrating to the USA and to Pittsburgh mean to you? How do you feel about it?

“Coming to live in the USA was a great opportunity for me and later for my family. I moved to Pittsburgh in 2011, after living in Florida and Texas, Pittsburgh is so different in the best way possible, I love the city, the neighborhoods, people are very friendly.” -Carlina   “It meant a very strong step for me, to leave everything I did, my work, my family, my friends and in general all the activities I did. It has cost me a lot to learn the language and adapt to the changes, but I am happy because I am with my family. I love how peaceful and beautiful the city is.” -Diokarina  “I am happy to choose Pittsburgh as a destination to forge my future, it is a beautiful and welcoming city.” -Dorita

Does Pittsburgh make you feel welcome? Tell us more about it if you can.

100% !!!

Pittsburgh is a great city to live in and  we feel very welcome here, we hope that never change!